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Acclaimed documentary fimmaker Susanne Tabata is working on a film about the Vancouver punk rock world and I’m going through all my old negatives in order to send her some images for possible inclusion in the film. Here’s a few more possibilities from the early days. Hopefully Scott Beadle will chime in with some names and dates.


Lots of faces here, drummer is ?, Randy Rampage, backup singers are Tony Bardach (?) Nick Jones and Colin Griffiths


This isn’t DOA, is it? Randy on bass though


Victoria Pork, guitar is Brad Kent, Dimwit on drums, Ian Tiles singing, Tony Bardach on bass.


Victoria Pork guitarist Brad Kent


Colin Griffiths standing on a restaurant grill, holding an old 60’s drum skin and a can of dance wax, why?, I so wish I could remember. Going through these negs is a lot of fun, I just wish I had taken more notes back then.

webjoe wimpy

Brian Goble at back, Joe Keithley on guitar


Randy Rampage in full flight

webUnknown punk

Randy again

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  1. Scott Beadle December 28, 2009

    Wow, more amazing images! All before my time of course, but I will chime in with best guesses. The first band is Sgt Nick Penis & His Brass Ball Battalion, one of Vancouver’s first so-called “fuck bands”, an ad-hoc assemblage of musicians playing for fun, mostly cover songs. The core lineup, as pictured here, was Randy Rampage on vocals, Brad Kent on guitar, and Zippy Pinhead on drums. (This same core was revived later under the Sick Ones moniker.) My best guess is that this is the Quadra, 17 September 1978, during the Avengers/Pointed Sticks show (Sgt Nick weren’t listed on the bill). The Sticks are on the backup vocals here, and I believe that is Penelope Houston, the Avengers singer, at the extreme right of photo, watching the band.
    The Victorian Pork photos are real treasures! I guess it’s Japanese Hall? and the guitarist is Brad Kent. If it is the Japanese Hall, then the DOA photos are from there as well (judging by the wallpaper) which makes this one of DOA’s earliest performances!

  2. Yup, Brad on guitar in the VP and I w oudl say it’s Jap Hall.
    The DOA Welcome Home gigs at the Quadra with brad on gtr are my personal all-time favourites – that band was scary good

  3. Nick Jones December 30, 2009

    Sgt Nick Penis would have been the end of the night jam,and yes,Scott is right as to the gig.In the first pic you can also see Tonys future ex-wife Tina,and Don Betts.As for Colin and the dance wax,same gig in the Quadras primitive kitchen.We spread that stuff on the floor there,and it worked pretty good,at a later gig we used it on the b rushed aluminium floor at the Windmill,where it caused plenty of injuries…Don,pleaseplease keep thee photos coming…

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