Skulls – First performance -The future face of Vancouver punk

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These images are from what was one of the first performances by a Vancouver area punk band at the Easter Be In at Semiamoo  (Sp?) Park. It was a pretty loose grouping of guys who would later go on to form some of the most important bands in Vancouver. The era’s long hair, other than on Joe Keithley who looks freshly shorn, and stubby beer bottles are a couple signs of the times. I think I was the only person in the audience who knew the songs they played which ( as I remember it) were covers of British punk tunes.


Joe Keithley and Brian Goble


Brian Goble, Lee ?, and I believe that’s John Armstrong on the right




Brad Kent on guitar, Dimwit on drums


Brian, Dimwit, Brad


Brian, Lee, Dimwit




Joe and Brian

Comments 3

  1. Buck Cherry/John Armstrong December 28, 2009

    Yup – at the bandshell, White Rock Sea festival.
    although there was some misunderstanding between the bands at the time between the Skulls and the Shits performance we ruined the day for everyone. Mission accomplished

  2. Scott Beadle December 28, 2009

    This was 16 August 1977, indeed The Skulls’ first gig: Shithead, Brian, Dimwit, Simon, Brad, and Lee Kendall (his only show). Also on the bill were the Shmorgs (featuring Art Bergmann) and the Monitors (aka the Shits; featuring John Armstrong, Bill Scherk and Gord Nicholl).
    It was not, however, the first show by local punk bands, as the Furies/Dishrags show at Japanese Hall was on July 30.

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