Day, Well Frankly I’ve Lost Track

February 20, 2010 | Filed Under 2010 Winter Olympics 

Fotogs at Skeleton race

Photographers at the Skeleton track finish line.

It’s been busy, riding buses, getting to venues early to hold your place, waiting for the event to start, shooting like crazy, rushing to file, back to the bus. Trying to maintain a somewhat normal eatinng and sleeping schedule and pretty much failing.


One of the biggest challenges is shooting a different sport almost everyday, sometimes for the first time. Yesterday I shot Skeleton, amazingly fast. I was shooting at 2000 of a sec and got two frames of the athlete I needed zooming by.

19SK_Gough 1_Skeleton

By and large I’m happy with the images I’m getting and it’s all an experience.

18IH_USA VS Norway1_Kesler

Downtown the public crowds are crazy big and getting bigger everyday. Everyone seems in a great mood, it would be nice if downtown Vancouver was like this all the time.


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