British Columbia Documentary Photography #2

November 26, 2016 | Filed Under BC Photography Archive, British Columbia, British Columbia Photographic Archive, Canada, Canadian, Cascadia, Colwood, Documentary Photography, Don Denton, Historical, History, Landscape, Pacific Northwest, Personal Project, Photographers, Photography, Street photography, Urban, Vancouver Island, Vernacular architecture, Victoria 

Old Home, New Construction Colwood Britsh Columbia 2016

I recently read an interview with a local archives manager. He talked about the work and purpose of the archives and about acquiring material for the facility. He is  always on the lookout for unique local photographs showing the community’s history but he made a a comment that I thought every documentary photographer should consider. He said that it was easy to find/receive images of the area’s main street, what was a challenge was finding images of the secondary and back streets. It’s a good reminder that the documentary photographers need to pay attention to the less obvious, the quiet areas where, in reality, we all spend most of our lives.


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