Boat Graveyard, Vancouver Island, British Columbia 2016

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Boat Graveyard, Vancouver Island, British Columbia 2016

This was truly a west coast nautical scene, acreage filled with broken and decaying boats, mainly smaller pleasure or fishing craft. There were no indicators why the mossy rotting boats were there, the only sign visible from the side road I was on said No Trespassing, not really an encouragement to explore more. On my way out I spotted a house, which may be connected to the yard, but I couldn’t quite figure out how a road connected to it. A task for another trip.

Derelict Boat, Coopers Cove, Sooke BC 2008

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Derelict Boat, Coopers Cove Sooke, BC 2008

Derelict Boat, Coopers Cove Sooke, BC 2008

I was at Coopers Cove last week. The derelict boat in long gone although, for now at least, the former naval ship seen in the background is still anchored in the cove. It’s a reminder how photographs, while they must stand on their own as visual images, also serve as historical records, a document of time passing. This was one of the first group of images I took that have become part of the Salt Water & Rain project, photographs of Vancouver Island and coastal British Columbia. A photographic archive of British Columbia and one of a series of inter-linked projects on the Pacific Northwest.


Merry Christmas

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Christmas Boat 1

Afternoon Commute, Vancouver Island Style

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Heading home in a small boat off Turkey Head with the setting sun lighting up Mt. Baker (in Washington State) in the background.

Mt. Baker Sunset SA

Working On Projects

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It’s always interesting when working on a project how certain themes or subjects start to repeat themselves, often threaten to become a project in themselves. Boats have begun to show up in many of my island photos, it makes sense as we have such easy access to water but until you start looking you don’t realize how many people do have boats and how they store them in unusual places and how often they’ll have several, just sitting in the yard year after year the way people in other locales store old automobiles.


I was out this morning to Goldstream Park to work on another project dealing with spawning salmon. This male chum was still alive but barely, still breathing while lying on his side partly out of the water.


Clouds And Ocean

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Clouds Over Clover Point