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British Columbia Photography – Art and Archive 2015

I get asked the question, what do you?, ¬†regarding my photography a lot. It’s easy to answer when I talk about the photography that pays my rent. I am an editorial photographer who supplies images to accompany articles, illustrate stories and/or provide news, sports, entertainment coverage for newspapers and magazines. People get that. It is much harder to explain the project work. I often use …

Lumen Prints

Made my first Lumen prints this weekend. I’ve made quite a few photograms in the past and always liked their hard edges and contrast but I’m quite taken with the subtle colours and ghostly image you get with the Lumen prints. I have a fair stack of outdated black and white printing paper so now that I have a rough idea of what I’m doing …

Bucking The Trend, Printing Photographs Small

A couple of weeks off which has been good for some travel, Kamloops, Maple Ridge, Vancouver and Portland, and now I’ve been doing some printing. I know everyone seems to be going for big photographs but I’m enjoying making small prints.