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Old Water Tower and Boats, Sooke, BC 2013

The light was just right, highlighting the old water tower and the two beached boats that bookend the image during a brief road trip out to Sooke. This area has lots of overlooked and hidden corners  for visual imagery that highlights local history and the British Columbia coastal and Vancouver Island lifestyle.

Derelict Boat, Coopers Cove, Sooke BC 2008

I was at Coopers Cove last week. The derelict boat in long gone although, for now at least, the former naval ship seen in the background is still anchored in the cove. It’s a reminder how photographs, while they must stand on their own as visual images, also serve as historical records, a document of time passing. This was one of the first group of …

New Year’s Eve Road Trip

A leisurely drive out to Jordan River on New Year’s Eve day. Some snow but mainly low dark clouds and rain. Beautiful west coast weather, if you like that sort of thing, and I do. Sooke gas station Coopers Cove Trees in logged area near Jordan River Sunken boat in Sooke at government docks Highway at Jordan River from the site of Shakies, the surfer …