Dowler Grocery, Victoria, BC 2012

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Dowler Grocery, Victoria, BC 2012

Dowler Grocery is yet another of those unique neighbourhood corner stores that has closed. I’m not sure if it’s a coincidence that a 7-11 opened up across the street. I’m not sure when Dowler Grocery actually closed, I don’t actually remember it being open. The unusual thing is that even though this photo was taken in 2012 the storefront still looks the same. It hasn’t been renovated, converted into another shop or housing, for which I’m glad as the colourful store front certainly brightens up the streetscape.

Comment 1

  1. I find this shot to be full of rich artistic tension Don. It really speaks to our changing city landscapes and in how so many buildings that were considered landmarks to us locals as we grew up here are being abandoned and forgotten about. I will never forget these places, they formed an important part of my personal tapestry growing up, they spoke to a specific notch in time, and as such I will always find these kinds of shots to be personally profound and poignant.

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