Wood Carvings, Chemainus, British Columbia 2017

June 3, 2017 | Filed Under BC Photography Archive, British Columbia, British Columbia Photographic Archive, Canada, Canadian, Cascadia, Chemainus, Documentary Photography, Don Denton, Fine Art, Historical, History, Landscape, Pacific Northwest, Personal Project, Photography, Road Trip, Street photography, Vancouver Island 


It was just starting to rain as I came past these wooden carvings along the highway in Chemainus. The large, almost life size Sasquatch (assuming we know what life size is for a Sasquatch) was certainly an attention grabber. Birds, whimsical bears, and more stood along the roadside distracting passing motorists as the carver worked in the tent behind and chatted with those who stopped. The intensifying rain prevented more photography time so a more in depth look had to wait for a dryer day.Wood carvings, Chemainus, British Columbia


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