Writing On Photography – Geoff Dyer

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I find Geoff Dyer one of the most interesting, and idiosyncratic, writers around. He’s written a great deal about photography and photographers, much of which is found in two of his books ‘The Ongoing Moment’ (seen here) and a section of essays in  ’Otherwise Known As The Human Condition’.  His descriptions and thoughts on photography are both  insightful and entertaining. Here’s his description of the photographer William Eggleston’s work ” Eggleston’s photographs look like they were taken by a Martian who lost the ticket for his flight home and ended up working in a gun shop in a small town near Memphis.”. What a wonderful descriptive (and accurate) sentence. The cover image is a section of a photograph by the late British photographer Michael Ormerod who  is discussed in the book (Ongoing Moment) as well.dyer-book