Time Pays $30 For Photo Today – Robert Frank Got $50 in 1947

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There’s been a lot of talk in the online photo world the past week or so regarding the fact that a recent Time magazine cover consisted of a $30 iStock photo¬† (story here) and how it’s yet another indicator of the challenges of making a living in today’s media world.

I was reminded of this story while rereading the 1984 Patricia Bosworth biography of Diane Arbus last night. Here’s an excerpt from a section on the photographer Robert Frank….’In 1947 the Franks came to New York and Frank began photographing for Fortune, Life, Harper’s Bazaar. The pay was terrible ($50 a picture)‘.

Think about it, sixty seven (67) years ago the major magazines were paying $50 a photo (not a cover , a photo) and today a photographer is excited he got $30.

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