First Nations’ Art Unveiled

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It always amazes me how often that you’ll get a run of assigments that are connected. This past weekend the photographer working ended up at two events where there were dogs wearing sunglasses. Last Thursday and Friday I had an assignment each day that was centred around First Nations art. Thursday was the official unveiling of the Darlene Gait/Butch Dick designed murals on the Ogden Point breakwater and then Friday saw the Lt.-Gov Steven Point show off the latest additions to the Government House art collection. The Luke Marston healing pole (below) is just another example of this amazing artists work. Three other artists had work on display, all excellent, although Marianne Nicolson, who had a stunning show in 2008 at the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria was the only other artist I was familiar with.

Breakwater Mural Blessing 1

Government House Art 2



Don Denton is a fine art documentary photographer who lives on Vancouver Island in British Columbia. Denton is noted for his editorial and magazine photography, early images of Vancouver punk rock, Canadian writer portraits and images of the Pacific Northwest. He is currently working lens based artworks and creating a Canadian photographer history archive.

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