Cross Country Skiing Instead of Hockey

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The Canada vs Russia hockey game is on, we were originally scheduled to cover that but late yesterday were shifted to the cross country relay ski event in Whistler so another early long bus ride. Back just in time to watch the final period in the media centre, and have lunch, at 6:30pm..

Cross country was yet another new sport in a new venue. Weather changed and kept changing through the event, heavy snow, fog, sun breaking through, back to fog etc. Canada finished 7th so okay pix but no dramatic images.

Thanks to a cool bus driver who radioed ahead they held the 4pm bus to Vancouver for five minutes so we got out an hour than expected.

Because of the big game on the streets were deserted, normally you’d be in rush hour at this time but no traffic and out on the streets, almost deserted of pedestrians. Last night in the jammed restaurant we were in, watching the Canada Germany game the crowd absolutely erupted at the end of the game even though it was a blowout. Hockey fever not Olympic fever has taken over.

Yesterday back in Cypress where we had heavy wet snow but ended up with a gold medal in the women’s ski cross.

This big event is winding down, only four days to go. At one point it looked like it would never end, now it seems like it just started.



Don Denton is a fine art documentary photographer who lives on Vancouver Island in British Columbia. Denton is noted for his editorial and magazine photography, early images of Vancouver punk rock, Canadian writer portraits and images of the Pacific Northwest. He is currently working lens based artworks and creating a Canadian photographer history archive.

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