Grant Writing Workshop With Donald Weber

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Spent Saturday learning about the ins and outs of the world of grants in another Luz Gallery sponsored workshop with Donald Weber.  It was all interesting and it was a busy and intense day with a great deal of information being offered. The bottom line though, is that like most things in life, there’s a lot of work and time involved in the process. Anyone looking for or expecting information that will result in a quick handout of cash would have been very disappointed.

There is the thought as well that if we’re all starting to pursue the grant world as an alternative to the disappearing editorial market, won’t the grant world become more of a challenge to access? It’s not like there are a huge amount of new grants appearing every year but more photgraphers are applying for the existing grants.

It’s all food for thought though and each photographer has to try and figure out how to blend all the elements of the photo world to make it work for them.

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Don Denton is a fine art documentary photographer who lives on Vancouver Island in British Columbia. Denton is noted for his editorial and magazine photography, early images of Vancouver punk rock, Canadian writer portraits and images of the Pacific Northwest. He is currently working lens based artworks and creating a Canadian photographer history archive.

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