Mike Andrew McLean – Range: Mountain Park Photographs & Kickstarter

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I’ve heard of photographers using crowd sourcing as a source of funding but only third hand. Yesterday I received this email from photographer Mike Andrew McLean and thought I’d pass it along. It’s an interesting concept, using Kickstarter,  for an interesting project and with even just a $10 donation you get a print:

I am pleased to announce that Range, the photo project I’ve been working
on for the past three years, will be exhibited in its entirety at the
Southern Alberta Art Gallery in July 2011 (a selection will also be
exhibited at the Kamloops Art Gallery this January).

Due to the costs associated with the production of the exhibition, I
researched some alternative funding avenues and discovered Kickstarter.
My project was launched today on the Kickstarter website, so please have a


If you are willing to make a pledge, you will receive some amazing
incentives  not the least of which will be my eternal gratitude.  Also,
it would be wonderful if you would consider forwarding this link to anyone
else who may be interested.

If you have any questions, or need more info, please let me know.

Thanks for your consideration,

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Don Denton is a fine art documentary photographer who lives on Vancouver Island in British Columbia. Denton is noted for his editorial and magazine photography, early images of Vancouver punk rock, Canadian writer portraits and images of the Pacific Northwest. He is currently working lens based artworks and creating a Canadian photographer history archive.

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