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Giant Bathtub Parade Float, Victoria, British Columbia 2016

The annual Victoria Day Parade is a big deal in Victoria. It’s three hours long and  starts from from Mayfair Mall and moves all the way down Douglas Street through the downtown. It’s not  entirely unexpected, since parades are full of odd sights, to see a giant bathtub representing Nanaimo (famed for its annual bathtub race) coming down the street. It is however much stranger …

Old Car Ruin, Nanaimo, British Columbia 2013

The wreckage of an old car lies along along a creek bed in the Richard’s Marsh Park area in Nanaimo, British Columbia. You can see enough of the vehicle still to tell it is 1920/30’s range of vehicle so has been there quite a while. It’s impossible to tell if it was just dumped there or whether it was placed there in a haphazard manner …

Totem and Architecture, Duncan, British Columbia 2014

Duncan, on Vancouver island, is known for the totem poles displayed around the town. Duncan is actually nicknamed The City of Totems. The very walkable downtown is a nice mix of older small town architecture and this unusual circular office building next to the courthouse.  I like this view of the one pole and the office tower.