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Vancouver Island Weather

Don Denton photography of a golfer in the rain on Vancouver Island in British Columbia

The beautiful thing about the weather here on the southern tip on British Columbia’s Vancouver Island is that this photo could have been taken this week as I saw lots of golfers on the links while driving around. The unfortunate thing about the weather here is that this image was actually taken last June.

Jordan River Winter Surfing

Just another Vancouver Island winter day with the surf kicking up along the coast. Lots of surfers and kayakers out on the water. Weather ranged from pouring rain to a light mist although the sun came out on the drive home (typical). Word was spreading about the waves as more and more surfers were turning up throughout the morning. Surfers head out Beautiful BC wheel …

Diver Riley McCormick

Saanich diver Riley McCormick is a young upcoming Canadian athlete who’ll be someone to watch at the next summer olympics.. Travis Paterson wrote about Riley and about the amount of time he spends falling through the air each month while practicing. He’s not only an amazing athlete but seems to be a really nice young man as well, very personable, clowning with the younger kids …