Diver Riley McCormick

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Saanich diver Riley McCormick is a young upcoming Canadian athlete who’ll be someone to watch at the next summer olympics.. Travis Paterson wrote about Riley and about the amount of time he spends falling through the air each month while practicing. He’s not only an amazing athlete but seems to be a really nice young man as well, very personable, clowning with the younger kids who clearly look up to him. The shoot was easy, lots to photograph and he has no problem with the camera following him around.  The only challenge were the diving shots as the light at the pool was fading.

Diver Riley McCormick 5

McCormcik warms up with handstands that mimic his diving platform stance

Diver Riley McCormick 4

Watching the younger divers around him train

Diver Riley McCormick 7

Taping his thumb, broken during an earlier dive

Diver Riley McCormick 3

A practice dive

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