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Queen Street West, Toronto 2015

  A vacation in Ontario provided the time for a stroll down Toronto’s Queen Street West and the incredible variety of small businesses along the street. I’d meant, during previous visits to document the street, but didn’t get the chance until now. Many of the stores are short lived so the streetscape is constantly changing.

Ninety year old photographers, Photo-Snobism and more

The New York Times has a feature on 92-year-old fashion photographer Lillian Bassman and an obituary for 98-year-old architectural photographer Julius Schulman. Spacing Toronto on taking photographs of events from the photographer’s balcony. A feature on Magnum’s Susan Meiselas at Interesting piece from Thoughts of a Bohemian on photo-snobism. Dirck Halstead at the always interesting Digital Journalist revisiting the death of photojournalism An important …