Ninety year old photographers, Photo-Snobism and more

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The New York Times has a feature on 92-year-old fashion photographer Lillian Bassman and an obituary for 98-year-old architectural photographer Julius Schulman.

Spacing Toronto on taking photographs of events from the photographer’s balcony.

A feature on Magnum’s Susan Meiselas at

Interesting piece from Thoughts of a Bohemian on photo-snobism.

Dirck Halstead at the always interesting Digital Journalist revisiting the death of photojournalism

An important book pointed out by Jorg Colberg at Conscientious, The Last Days of Shishmaref by Dana Lixenberg. Say goodbye to the Arctic.

Check out the newly redesigned News Photographers Association of Canada site.

A day late but a nice piece about selling your own stock from A Photo Editor.

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  1. photo-snobbery: “Documentary photographers ( even one photo story on dying children in Africa will get you there. Multimedia a plus)”

    i’ve felt the same way. right now the big thing in the US is to document the recession. which, in some ways is important…but there definitely is a lack of variety in what i’ve been following online. it’s as if everyone is on repeat. only documenting sad, hard times. not saying it isn’t important, just looking for a broader spectrum.

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