More Early Vancouver Punk Photos – Dishrags, Furies and Joe Keithley

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Starting to sort through my negs from the early days of Vancouver’s punk rock world.  Here’s a few more pix scanned  from old prints.

Joe 'Shithead' Keithley

Joe Keithley after a gig at a high school

Dishrags First Concert

The Dishrags, first concert, with the Furies

Furies Punk Band In vancouver

The Furies

Vancouver punk crowd

Crowd at show, including Colin Griffiths, ?,  and I believe, Scout from the Dishrags

Comments 3

  1. Scott Beadle December 24, 2009

    Wow, more early Xmas presents from Mr Denton! Check out the huge flares in the crowd behind Shithead! The Dishrags looks like one that ran in Twisted magazine (Seattle) in 1977. The crowd shor w/ Colin and Scout, that looks like the front of stage shots from DOA at the Body Shop during 1st Georgia Straight Battle of the Bands, similar to one that appeared on the back sleeve of DOA’s Triumph of the Ignoroids live 12inch EP. Love that Furies photo too!

  2. Brilliant! And one of the more delish shots of Jade I’ve ever seen. (We were all in love with her.) The Furies definitely need to get more recognition. I saw their first gig in the Helen Pitt Gallery. Changed my head.

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