Photo Work Spaces – Jenna & Tristan and Stefan’s

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Here’s a couple  of photos of photographer’s work spaces. First up is Tristan and Jenna’s space in Victoria and then Stefan’s in Whistler.


The calendar was bought with the idea that we would have a quick reference for checking the date.  It’s a 2009 calendar which I maybe looked at twice.  We like the illustrations so it keeps hanging.
Other wise the entire space behind our monitors is a white brick wall.  We have talked about putting up some images but honestly editing photos with a beautiful white brick wall as the back drop keeps the edit process focused.  Also after a final edit on a wedding or photo series, sitting back and watching a full screen slideshow with the blank wall is completely enjoyable.  The drawing of the two kissing faces to the right is an illustration waiting to be framed from a painter I worked with.


The first image is of editing Olympic Bobsled imagery at our temporary office in Whistler Village. Bridge CS4 runs on the 17″ Macbook Pro while race information is referenced on the second. Both are running off of 1-3 external hard drives with images from two separate photographers being edited, captioned, batched through Photoshop and uploaded. Works pretty smoothly. The second image is of the same setup but at home.

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