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CTV Broadcast, Robson Street, Vancouver, British Columbia 2016

Everybody has to work somewhere but it looked odd to see this television reporter, standing on a box on the Robson Street sidewalk waiting to respond to a remote (?) camera for a broadcast, not the traditional cameraman partner. Instead she was paired with a security guard, who was keeping an eye on the passing pedestrians.

Photo Work Spaces – Jenna & Tristan and Stefan’s

Here’s a couple  of photos of photographer’s work spaces. First up is Tristan and Jenna’s space in Victoria and then Stefan’s in Whistler. The calendar was bought with the idea that we would have a quick reference for checking the date.  It’s a 2009 calendar which I maybe looked at twice.  We like the illustrations so it keeps hanging. Other wise the entire space behind …

What Does Your Photo Space Look Like?

This quote, by Magnum photographer Josef Koudelka, is probably my favourite quote that relates to photography which is why I keep it taped to my computer at work. I  should stick a copy to the back of my cameras so I’d see it everytime I went to take a photograph. And yes, I know Joseph is spelled wrong on the quote, but hey I just …