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I haven’t been posting a great deal here. That said I have been checking out a few other blogs. One that I’ve spent quite a bit of time on the past week is Daniel Milnor’s Smogranch. I’d never run across Milnor until a week ago so it’s all a pleasant surprise. I enjoy Milnor’s writing and his images are amazing. It’s oddly nice to see someone shooting film. He’s a book making machine and there’s lessons there for all of us in presenting/promoting our work.  I’m slowly making my way through his archives learning about Milnor’s work and life. His latest post tells about his decision to give up all commercial work and concentrate on his personal work. He doesn’t explain how he’ll replace his commercial income but maybe that’ll be in a post to come. Here’s a bit from that post that captures some of Milnor’s style: “As many of you know, on December 1st I stopped shooting commercially. No mas. No portraits, weddings, magazine work, commercial shoots, etc. I needed a new direction, and so far the grand experiment has been enlightening, making me think I should have done this ten years ago. However, it’s not enough, just stopping the work for others focusing only on the work for me. Within this shift lies another, smaller, but I’m realizing perhaps more important, micro shift. The direction of the work. And when I say direction I mean the content, the style in which it is created and the method of presentation”. His post on the documentary life is certainly worth a read as well but you need the whole piece, an excerpt won’t do. Read it here.

Comments 3

  1. Hey Don,

    Thanks for mentioning me. Today was spent in the middle of frozen nowhere, central New Mexico with nothing but a map to lead my around. A few images here and there, some white knuckle driving, in a Prius, but the idea of just being out looking taking center stage.
    Glad you like the site and thanks for reading.


  2. Your site is great and I’m very pleased to find that someone else has multiple projects on the go all the time. Most people say concentrate on a couple of projects at any one time but I always have a whack of things underway.

  3. Yes, always. I wish I could do one at a time, but they are just too spread out or too in depth to be able to do that. Maybe someday……

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