Local Bands Live, Victoria, BC 2015

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Recently I’ve managed to get out and photograph a few local bands playing live, something that at the beginning of my career I did a lot. It’s still fun and there’s nothing like a live performance in a small venue. I’d never photographed any of the three bands, pictured below, before and they were photographed on different nights. What I found most interesting was how the bands shared members.

The first band I photographed was Line Traps, I went to see them as I knew their guitarist Tiemen Kuipers.

Line Traps 1

The second band was 12 Gauge Facial  (love that name) as I’d met the vocalist Yasuko Thanh (who is also a novelist) at the Line Traps gig. The Line Traps’ drummer was also 12 Gauge Facial’s drummer.

12 Gauge Facial 1

The final band was Hank Angel and his Island Devils. Hank is the bassist for 12 Gauge Facial but I didn’t realize that the guitarist from 12 Gauge was also in Hank’s band.

Hank Angel and the Island Devils 1



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