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Tent city for the homeless, Victoria, BC 2015

Homelessness continues to be an issue, mainly for urban areas and Victoria is no exception.  Over the past decade a number of tent cities have sprung up, established by the homeless and transient street folk, usually in city parks. The city created a bylaw to address the issue, one that allows camping in parks overnight, but creates time boundaries, when tents can be pitched and …

BC Transit Bus And Metal Scrap Yard, Victoria British Columbia 2015

A BC Transit bus lies at the bottom of a heap of scrap metal waiting to be torn apart and added to the pile in Victoria, British Columbia. The business sits on Victoria’s waterfront just on the edge of the city core. The city has voiced support for keeping industry on the waterfront but one wonders how long a recycling plant will stay (be allowed …

Luceo Images – You Are Here

The photographer’s from Luceo Images, the American photo collective, are the photography world’s (or at least the photojournalism world’s) current IT girls, the stars of the scene. It’s with good reason too. They have taken up the challenge of working in a world that is often seen as falling apart, no work, no venues for display and no money to be earned, and found new …

BCYNA Win For Feature Photo

A late post, two weeks ago, I won the feature (colour) category at the annual BCYNA Ma Murray awards. This photograph of an artist cleaning a totem pole originally appeared on the front page of the Victoria News.

Spiderman Gives Good Photo

The great thing about Spiderman is that as Peter Parker he makes a living as a news photographer so he knows what photographers need. A local radio dude strikes an action pose for photographer Jesse Hlady.

The Summer that Was

Summer returned for a couple of  days but tonight the rains came back, just in time for my bike ride. Time to buy fenders for the bike I think. Anyhow, the photo above was taken a few weeks back at a high school football game when we were in the middle of our late arriving but hot dry summer. A reminder of what was.

Man and Macaw

From an interview with a local guy who goes everywhere with his pet macaw including bike rides. The bird shows affection by gently biting the owner on the ears and nose. Funniest part of the interview was the fact the bird took a dislike to the reporter and chased her around the room biting her, not so gently.


There’s something about caterpillars that creeps me out. I felt like I had the creatures crawling all over me for about an hour after I took this image. A big hatch this year too so the little buggers are everywhere.

Micah Escamilla, interviewed by Jeff Bartlett

Former student Jeff Bartlett has posted an interview with his fellow former Western Academy of Photography classmate Micah Escamilla. Jeff is in Argentina and Micah is in California. You can read the interview here. Micah mentions former instructor, and now Luz Gallery maestro, Quinton Gordon as an influence for the classes he taught, she mentions me for inspiring her to set up drink nights for …

Vancouver Island Ships

A lighthouse, small naval ship and a fully loaded container carrying freighter heading towards the open Pacific Ocean. Just another Vancouver Island seascape.

West Coast Winter

So here’s photographic proof we do get winter out here open the western edge of the world. Sure, it did only last three days but it was a hard three days.

Drinking With Photographers

One of the downsides of living in a smaller place is that you have a tendency to feel isolated from the rest of the world. This week Don Weber was in town for a couple of workshops and it was a nice reminder of the wider world out there. Thursday night I met up with him and a couple of other local photographers at a …

Vancouver Pre – Olympics, Vancouver British Columbia 2010

Main press centre in Vancouver. I picked up the last of my Olympic credentials on Saturday and so am officially official. Lots of Olympic workers and media, with special clothes and accreditation tags around their necks,  and police in the downtown core but hard to see ‘Olympic fever’ among regular folks. Most of the Olympic signage you’re seeing is commercial but there are a few …