British Columbia Ghost Towns, Victoria, British Columbia

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Not a ghost town but a sign from a ghost car lot. Victoria, BC 2015
Not a ghost town but a sign from a ghost car lot. Victoria, BC 2015

A good read from Mark Hume with photos by John Lehman in the Globe and Mail about ghost towns that still exist (for now) in British Columbia. Story can be found here. Another reminder about how our built landscape disappears from view, taking a part of our history with it.

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  1. What a great post, thanks for putting this together Don! My wife and I are actually really really good friends with TW Paterson, who is quoted in the story you link to here. We’ve shot a few of the locations mentioned and are planning to publish a photo expose on Morden Mines just outside of Nanaimo where a mining accident killed many many miners, proving to be one of the worst of it’s kind of accidents in Canadian history. My wife and I are avid history buffs and love our rich heritage here in BC, and we are very concerned about the future in terms of losing touch with our past. I truly appreciate you bringing this matter to the attention of a wider audience, I personally believe it’s only because of work like this that we have any hope to preserve our past for the future.

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