Joe Keithley – DOA farewell tour / BC Legislature visit

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DOA front man Joe Keithley was in town playing a gig during the band’s farewell tour. Joe has decided to seek the NDP nomination in Coquitlam – Burke Mountain in order to run in the upcoming May provincial election. We decided to take a few portraits in front of the BC Legislature building in the afternoon. Here’s a few images from that shoot and one from the show.



Upcoming Exhibition at the JEM Gallery

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I have an exhibition of photographs that document the beginning of the Vancouver punk rock world that opens next Friday September 10, 2010 at the JEM Gallery (#36 – 22 East Cordova Street)  in Vancouver. Please drop by and have a look. It’s All Just Part Of The Noise, The Birth of Vancouver Punk runs until October 3rd.

Thanks to Carola Goetze for extending the invitation to exhibit at her gallery.

Many thanks to Tony Bardach for the use of his song lyric  “It’s All Just Part Of The Noise”  in the show’s title.  For me it encapsulates a lot about that era, in that we all were there, creating, playing, listening, photographing,  simply because we liked the music. We were all just part of the noise.


Bev Davies – 13 Photographs of DOA – Exhibition & Calendar

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The opening reception for Bev Davies’ latest exhibition and calendar will be at Vancouver’s Jem Cordova gallery (#36-22 East Cordova Street) on January 2, 1PM-5Pm. Show runs until January 13.


DOA Group Shot

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Tom Harrison, then music editor of the Georgia Straight, and I drove out to the house Joe Keithley was renting in Burnaby off of Kingsway for a big interview for the entertainment weekly. Chuck was living with Joe at the time. This may have been the first big media shot DOA received.

UPDATE: Ooops. Just found more negs , the ones that were from that GS shoot, not sure what these were from, maybe just fun.


Chuck, Randy, Joe



Randy Rampage armed with beer and cig

And….more Vancouver punk photographs

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Acclaimed documentary fimmaker Susanne Tabata is working on a film about the Vancouver punk rock world and I’m going through all my old negatives in order to send her some images for possible inclusion in the film. Here’s a few more possibilities from the early days. Hopefully Scott Beadle will chime in with some names and dates.


Lots of faces here, drummer is ?, Randy Rampage, backup singers are Tony Bardach (?) Nick Jones and Colin Griffiths


This isn’t DOA, is it? Randy on bass though


Victoria Pork, guitar is Brad Kent, Dimwit on drums, Ian Tiles singing, Tony Bardach on bass.


Victoria Pork guitarist Brad Kent


Colin Griffiths standing on a restaurant grill, holding an old 60′s drum skin and a can of dance wax, why?, I so wish I could remember. Going through these negs is a lot of fun, I just wish I had taken more notes back then.

webjoe wimpy

Brian Goble at back, Joe Keithley on guitar


Randy Rampage in full flight

webUnknown punk

Randy again

Skulls – First performance -The future face of Vancouver punk

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These images are from what was one of the first performances by a Vancouver area punk band at the Easter Be In at Semiamoo  (Sp?) Park. It was a pretty loose grouping of guys who would later go on to form some of the most important bands in Vancouver. The era’s long hair, other than on Joe Keithley who looks freshly shorn, and stubby beer bottles are a couple signs of the times. I think I was the only person in the audience who knew the songs they played which ( as I remember it) were covers of British punk tunes.


Joe Keithley and Brian Goble


Brian Goble, Lee ?, and I believe that’s John Armstrong on the right




Brad Kent on guitar, Dimwit on drums


Brian, Dimwit, Brad


Brian, Lee, Dimwit




Joe and Brian

More Early Vancouver Punk Photos – Dishrags, Furies and Joe Keithley

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Starting to sort through my negs from the early days of Vancouver’s punk rock world.  Here’s a few more pix scanned  from old prints.

Joe 'Shithead' Keithley

Joe Keithley after a gig at a high school

Dishrags First Concert

The Dishrags, first concert, with the Furies

Furies Punk Band In vancouver

The Furies

Vancouver punk crowd

Crowd at show, including Colin Griffiths, ?,  and I believe, Scout from the Dishrags

The Pointed Sticks in Vancouver

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On Saturday made the trip over to Vancouver too see a band that I’d seen many times before but not in 30 years. A lot of bands started in Vancouver  during the early punk rock years and only a few have survived. The Pointed Sticks were the one band that, at the time, seemed destined for stardom. Great music, stage presence etc etc. But it never happened, one of those things. But…they’re back, a new album and some gigs including Saturday’s at the Rio. I went with my 19 year old son, who is the same age I was when I was attending the original shows. The show was amazing, the band sounded great on the songs both new and old. My son got to see an act he’d only heard when Dad had rare control of the cd player. It’s always great to see a band prove they are still a viable act not just an oldies show.  I didn’t bring my camera, this was probably the first show I’ve been to in 30 years where I didn’t shoot but here’s a few photos from those early shows I’ve dug up.

For more info PSticks .

UPDATE: Scott Beadle, the encyclopedia of Vancouver punk, filled in the missing photo info: See comments below.


Kind of a Lou Reed look on Nick


The blazer look, with Colin Griffiths on guitar as well.


Is that Ian on drums, it’s not Dimwit? Scott says, yes it is Ian.


Backstage somewhere.

Early Vancouver Punk Rock – Furies, DOA, Skulls, Dishrags, Subhumans and Rabid

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I came across a few prints and contact sheets I has tucked away in an envelope from the very early days of the Vancouver punk rock scene. Please send a note to correct me if I’m off on names etc. These were taken quite a while ago (1977ish? ) and I didn’t keep the notes I should have.


The Furies at the Japanese hall. I believe this was the second local punk rock show in Vancouver.  My first. Tom Harrison of the Georgia Straight used the photo. If memory serves me, the bass player is Malcolm Hasman, now Vancouver realtor to the famous.


The Dishrags. I think they opened for The Furies although this photo was taken at a later date.

Skulls Contact 2

Detail from a contact sheet of the Skulls playing the Easter Be-In in White Rock. I remember getting whacked by beer caps the unnappreciative crowd was flipping at the band. The Skulls metamorphed into DOA.

Skulls Contact 3

Another details from the Skulls contact sheets. A number of stalwarts from later bands were in this group, Joe ‘Shithead’ Keithley, Brian Goble, Ken Montgomery, Brad Kent.


Early photo of the classic DOA line up of Joe Keithley, Chuck Biscuits and Randya Rampage

DOA Contact

Detail from a contact sheet of another early DOA show or maybe they were still the Skulls at this point


Subhumans with Ken Montgomery playing guitar, Brian Goble and Gerry Hannah. Not sure of drummer.

Gerry Hannah

Gerry Hannah of the Subhumans


Ken Montgomery of the Subhumans. No idea why he had the stocking mask on.


Rabid -Sid Sick and John Doe say my notes on the print