Bucking The Trend, Printing Photographs Small

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A couple of weeks off which has been good for some travel, Kamloops, Maple Ridge, Vancouver and Portland, and now I’ve been doing some printing. I know everyone seems to be going for big photographs but I’m enjoying making small prints.


Photo Group Talks

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BC Ferries, Swartz Bay, BC 2012

I’ve spoken to a number of photo groups lately, showing some of my images and talking about the projects.

The audiences have been great, very appreciative and always lots of questions and discussion afterwards.

It’s a two way street though. I get lots of feedback on my images which is so helpful and it’s often a surprise which photographs resonate with an audience and why.

The other thing I find is that talking about my projects, both during the presentation and during the discussions after allows me to fine tune my own thinking about what I’m photographing and different directions I might take it.

In my main Pacific Northwest related project Salt Water & Rain I’ve been discussing as a way to find that within the local (landscapes, natural, manmade and cultural) that defines us, as opposed to the generic (chain stores and products) that makes us the same.However due to the presentations I’ve been thinking about more complex issues within that and trying to figure out how to present those. Issues like why certain cultural influences such as writing seem to be stopped by the United States/Canada border, especially since it is regional writing. Yes, the US and Canada are separate regions but the commonalities of the Pacific Northwest really do transcend the imaginary line that is the border.

So, thanks again to all those groups that have had me as a speaker.

Olympic Peninsula Weekend Road Trip

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Hit the road for a weekend with a trip around the Olympic Peninsula. I’d been down the east side before travelling to and from Portland but hadn’t done the whole loop around the peninsula. Great trip although the weather was constantly changing, providing a number of challenges for driving and making it difficult to get all the photos I wanted. That said it was a lot of fun and I saw lots of places that I want to go back to.

Nice Promo For Pacific Northwest Photo Blog

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The crew at The Tyee gave me a nice plug for my new Pacific Northwest blog Saltwater & Rain. You can check it out here on their BC blog listing page.

New blog for Pacific Northwest Photography Project

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I’ve started a Tumblr blog for my Pacific Northwest project Saltwater & Rain. A visual and literary archive(ing) of the Pacific Northwest. Check it out here. Become a follower if you like what you see. In case the link isn’t working go here – http://saltwaterandrain.tumblr.com/