Upcoming Documentary Photography Class and Workshops at UVic

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I’ll be teaching a documentary course and a couple of one day workshops at the University of Victoria. Sign up here http://www.uvcs.uvic.ca

Courses are:

Documentary Photography: Creating the Personal Project


In this course you will learn how to use the techniques of documentary work to create a personal photo project. Participants will examine the work of other documentary photographers and see how and why certain ways of seeing and photographing can be applied to their work. You will learn how to organize your own projects, budget time, find out how to edit a project and discover different ways to bring that project to a larger audience.

Students will work on a project throughout the duration of the class; this can be an existing project or something new and initiated by the class experience. This work will serve as a catalyst for class discussions and critiques. This is a course about creativity, not equipment. Participants can use whatever equipment they own, digital or film.


Editing Your Photographs—Developing a Critical Eye


Do you have a jumble of images stored away on your hard drive or boxes of prints tucked away in the closet? Learn how to look critically at your photographs and find the treasures hidden among the less successful images. We’ll also learn how we can have a higher success rate while shooting by learning to edit as we photograph. Students should bring a selection (20–40) of 4 x 6 machine (cheap) prints to the class from a project, trip or just that box in the closet, as well as a camera and a notebook.


Find the Photo Spark


Have you lost your photographer’s creative urge? Do all the images you take seem to look like the last one? Rekindle your photo creativity with a day of exercises designed to make you and your camera best friends again. Bring your camera and a notebook and prepare to exercise your mind and eye and have some fun in the process.



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