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Canadian Photographer Histories –

I am looking for help with a personal long-term project. I am compiling an archive of interviews of Canadian photographers — which, in turn, will become a history of Canadian photography. When I began my project I was (and still am) researching a specific group of Vancouver-area photographers. The project has kept growing, and I am now looking for input/information from photographers (and anyone connected …

Ruby Karinto, Victoria, British Columbia 2017

Much of my photography centres around landscapes, natural and manmade and how that shapes us and our culture and/or how we and our cultures shapes our constructed and social landscapes. I like how the local makes us all unique to our own parts of the world. I haven’t concentrated so much on people who shape our culture especially artists, be they writers, musicians, painters etc. …

Taber Music School, Saanich British Columbia 2017

  This low building has seen several different commercial lives but currently houses a music school, readily apparent not only from the sign but but by the musical note decor painted on the outside. It looks though it may have been a garage at one point.

Travellers Hotel and Swastikas, Ladysmith, British Columbia 2016

The first time I photographed the Travellers Hotel in Ladysmith on the town’s main street my attention was held by the dilapidated hotel sign over the main doors. I really didn’t look up at the higher stories and facade which at a quick glance seemed to be just fairly plain brick. A closer look on a more recent visit revealed a line of swastikas girdling …

Rain storm approaching, Harbour Road, Victoria, British Columbia 2016

  This is the kind of weather we’ve seen a lot of this year. The street, Harbour Road, is one of the more interesting roads in Victoria simply because the side shown is new residential with some commercial/retail thrown in. The other side of the road is on the harbour and is still marine industrial giving the area a nice feel, holding on to an …

New York Percussion Dance Troupe STOMP in Victoria

Dance drum troupe STOMP in Victoria, BC, Canada. Don Denton photography

Yesterday a few members of the New York based percussion dance troupe STOMP made an appearance inside the Atrium building in downtown Victoria, BC to promote their upcoming shows here in August. I wanted a view that would show the dancers, the crowd and the unique architectural shape of the buildings interior.

Micah Escamilla, interviewed by Jeff Bartlett

Former student Jeff Bartlett has posted an interview with his fellow former Western Academy of Photography classmate Micah Escamilla. Jeff is in Argentina and Micah is in California. You can read the interview here. Micah mentions former instructor, and now Luz Gallery maestro, Quinton Gordon as an influence for the classes he taught, she mentions me for inspiring her to set up drink nights for …

Interview – T. Reilly Hodgson

There’s an element of documentary in a large amount of my work but there’s a lot more to it than that for me. I do want to make pictures that are artful, that’s for sure, but I’m also interested in the way that memory works. I use photos to express something in the same way I might use a drawing or painting to express something

Olys All Over

Arnold Lim, A. P. Hovasse and myself before the closing ceremonies at BC Place Stadium Well, it’s all over and it was quite a ride. The early bus rides and wet wet weather are fading memories and I’m left with a vague depression now that it’s all over. I’m sure a few others are feeling the same. The closing ceremonies were, I thought, pretty cool …

Cross Country Skiing Instead of Hockey

The Canada vs Russia hockey game is on, we were originally scheduled to cover that but late yesterday were shifted to the cross country relay ski event in Whistler so another early long bus ride. Back just in time to watch the final period in the media centre, and have lunch, at 6:30pm.. Cross country was yet another new sport in a new venue. Weather …

Day 7 Early

Photographers and skier at Whistler. I was having trouble last night double checking my schedule which is too bad as I could have gotten in another hour of sleep or so. We’re heading up to Cypress a little later today and we ae going to get wet again today. It is pouring rain out and it’s certainly not going to be dryer up on the …

DOA Group Shot

Tom Harrison, then music editor of the Georgia Straight, and I drove out to the house Joe Keithley was renting in Burnaby off of Kingsway for a big interview for the entertainment weekly. Chuck was living with Joe at the time. This may have been the first big media shot DOA received. UPDATE: Ooops. Just found more negs , the ones that were from that …

Olympic Torch Run In Victoria

The Olympic Torch Run started it’s trek across Canada in Victoria with a lot of ceremony but luckily very short speeches in front of the Legislature. Olympic medalists Simon Whitfield and Catriona Lemay-Doan light the first torch Premier Gordon Campbell signals success as VANOC CEO John Furlong lights a cauldron with the Olympic flame brought over from Greece Esquimalt Chief Andy Thomas holds up the …

Victoria In The Fog

Two weeks ago I was meeting up with Micah Escamilla, a former student now a California based photographer, who was in town for a few days and an an hour to kill before we met up for coffee so took advantage of the time and foggy morning to shoot a few images.

Tiny Dancers

Seven year old Olivia Brown makes a face at herself in the mirror as she stretches during her dance class for the Junior Apprentice Company at Dance Unlimited. Looking on at left is her twin Georgia.

Bird Logic

This seagull got into a tugging match with another gull over a full sized dinner bun. The white gull won the tug-o-war and rather than risk another fight swallowed the bun whole leaving a rather large lump in its neck.