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BC Almanac and Presentation House Gallery, North Vancouver British Columbia

A while back I posted on a 1970’s publication featuring the work of a group of Vancouver photographers called the BC Almanac. That post is here. The publication was unique as it consisted of a series of mini-books/magazines, each one dedicated to one photographer’s work with the whole collection housed in a folder/cover. The one copy I was able to source and look over was …

Dion Manastyrski and Prairie Sunset

I met  photographer Dion Manastyrski a few years ago when I gave a talk to a local photo group. He contacted me after and asked if I minded meeting up to have a look at images from a project he was working on.  The photos he showed me were from the Canadian prairies, mainly Saskatchewan, and examined the disappearance of  rural and small town life …

Conversations With Photographers Vol. 1

Jorg Colberg, the man behind the photo blog Conscientious, has now started publishing books. Check out his first publication Conversations With Photographers available here. It’s Volume 1 so looking forward to more. It’s only eight bucks so get yours soon.

Interview – T. Reilly Hodgson

There’s an element of documentary in a large amount of my work but there’s a lot more to it than that for me. I do want to make pictures that are artful, that’s for sure, but I’m also interested in the way that memory works. I use photos to express something in the same way I might use a drawing or painting to express something

Lauren Henkin – Interview

Usually, with images hung on a wall, people move to look at images that interest them, they can skip images, or move out of the order the artist intends. With a book, beyond just controlling that viewing experience, you can go beyond just the sense of sight and incorporate touch, sound, text, and other means of telling your story more carefully as well.


Documentary photographer, and rising art star (check out the 12 page spread in the Fall 2010 edition of Canadian Art magazine) Donald Weber has a new book INTERROGATIONS coming out in the fall of 2011. Published by Schilt Publishing, features more of Weber’s images from Eastern Europe. The following, from the release for the book, explains Weber’s work: ‘Interrogations is the result of his personal …

George Webber – Interview

I like to travel light, usually one camera with one lens. I like to hang out. I like to go back to the same place over and over again. I like to watch for the little changes.

Photo Books, Beer Toques And A Poster

Looking for another idea for Christmas presents, check out all the self published photobooks from the Self Publish Be Happy shop. If you’re looking for a non-photo related stocking stuffer, how about something as truly Canadian as a toque or tuque, however you like to spell it. These toques though aren’t for keeping your head warm, they’re for keeping your beer cold. Check  out The …

Grim Robes – Alexandre Lemire

A very positive offshoot of the boom in the interest in photo books is that we’re not only seeing more professionally published volumes but we have so many independent publications available. One of my daily stops on the internet trail is The Independent Photo Book site put together by Jorg Colberg and Hester Keijser which posts about books and zines published by photographers and/or very …

Preston Is My Paris Photo Books

I’ve been enjoying the proliferation of independent photos books being produced by a variety of photographers and promoted by sites like The Independent Photo Book and Little Brown Mushroom. One series of books that I’ve been ordering and enjoying are those produced by Adam Murray and Robert Parkinson, the two English photographers behind Preston Is My Paris. I really like their idea that you need …

Robert Frank’s “The Americans” Gallery Show and Book

The LA Times has a story about a show at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art that focuses on Robert Frank’s book “The Americans”.  This is the story from the San Francisco Chronicle. This year marks the fiftieth anniversary of the book. A new book from Steidl accompanies the show, here is a review from the Calgary Herald writer Nancy Tousley.