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Wing Sang Building, Vancouver British Columbia

Wing Sang Building, Vancouver BC 2012 Don Denton photograph The Wing Sang building is the oldest in Vancouver’s Chinatown. The Pender Street heritage building was restored and now houses the Rennie Collection, the private art collection of Vancouver real estate mogul Bob Rennie.    

Derelict Boat, Coopers Cove, Sooke BC 2008

I was at Coopers Cove last week. The derelict boat in long gone although, for now at least, the former naval ship seen in the background is still anchored in the cove. It’s a reminder how photographs, while they must stand on their own as visual images, also serve as historical records, a document of time passing. This was one of the first group of …

Vancouver Island Weather

Don Denton photography of a golfer in the rain on Vancouver Island in British Columbia

The beautiful thing about the weather here on the southern tip on British Columbia’s Vancouver Island is that this photo could have been taken this week as I saw lots of golfers on the links while driving around. The unfortunate thing about the weather here is that this image was actually taken last June.

Joe Keithley – DOA farewell tour / BC Legislature visit

DOA front man Joe Keithley was in town playing a gig during the band’s farewell tour. Joe has decided to seek the NDP nomination in Coquitlam – Burke Mountain in order to run in the upcoming May provincial election. We decided to take a few portraits in front of the BC Legislature building in the afternoon. Here’s a few images from that shoot and one …

Bucking The Trend, Printing Photographs Small

A couple of weeks off which has been good for some travel, Kamloops, Maple Ridge, Vancouver and Portland, and now I’ve been doing some printing. I know everyone seems to be going for big photographs but I’m enjoying making small prints.  

Luceo Images – You Are Here

The photographer’s from Luceo Images, the American photo collective, are the photography world’s (or at least the photojournalism world’s) current IT girls, the stars of the scene. It’s with good reason too. They have taken up the challenge of working in a world that is often seen as falling apart, no work, no venues for display and no money to be earned, and found new …

Photo Group Talks

BC Ferries, Swartz Bay, BC 2012 I’ve spoken to a number of photo groups lately, showing some of my images and talking about the projects. The audiences have been great, very appreciative and always lots of questions and discussion afterwards. It’s a two way street though. I get lots of feedback on my images which is so helpful and it’s often a surprise which photographs …

Olympic Peninsula Weekend Road Trip

Hit the road for a weekend with a trip around the Olympic Peninsula. I’d been down the east side before travelling to and from Portland but hadn’t done the whole loop around the peninsula. Great trip although the weather was constantly changing, providing a number of challenges for driving and making it difficult to get all the photos I wanted. That said it was a …

Spiderman Gives Good Photo

The great thing about Spiderman is that as Peter Parker he makes a living as a news photographer so he knows what photographers need. A local radio dude strikes an action pose for photographer Jesse Hlady.

Andy Clark in the Langara Journalism review

The Langara Journalism Review has an excellent interview with Vancouver-based Reuter photographer Andy Clark. I can’t find an online version so you’ll have to search out a hard copy on your own. Interview was done by writer Leasa Hachey and photographers Jorge Posada and Lina Zarate. I think Hachey does a nice job of capturing the essence of Andy although I’m not sure how he …

Philip Blenkinsop, Norman Mauskopf, Light Hunting and other inspirations

Micah Escamilla had her Facebook status yesterday as Light Hunting which I thought was probably a perfect permanent status for any photographer. I have this poster for a workshop with Philip Blenkinsop on my bulletin board, not because I’m going but because I wish I was. The image alone will have to serve as inspiration. If you’ve got a documentary bent and want some more …

Interview – T. Reilly Hodgson

There’s an element of documentary in a large amount of my work but there’s a lot more to it than that for me. I do want to make pictures that are artful, that’s for sure, but I’m also interested in the way that memory works. I use photos to express something in the same way I might use a drawing or painting to express something

Claire Martin – Interview

I love to tell stories the way I see them as oppose to translating another person’s vision, which is what
you often have to do when on assignment. I have my own unique way of seeing a situation / the world and to me it really is story telling and
I’m the author.

Colin Corneau – Interview

I do like the idea of preserving a community and a time. It seems a lot of photography is, at one level or another, about fighting back against the relentless tide of time erasing everything.

One more for Christmas

I forgot to mention one of my favourite online shops for very odd photo gifts. It’s called Photojojo and you can check out the goods here at the store. Who couldn’t use a juice box camera (above) , just push the straw to snap the shutter, or a tiny tiny model camera or maybe a mount so you can carry a camera on your bike …

Self Portraits

I’m a sucker for self-portraits. I like taking them and I like looking at them so I had to take a peek when I saw the Globe and  Mail was running a Share Your Self Portrait page. I kind of like the smily face finger image. If you really want to want to spend some time looking at self-portraits check out the many pages of …

Thinking About Photographer Chris Schwarz

Like most people when I notice my bookmarks page is getting out of control with far too many links I’ll go through and delete those links I’m not visiting any more, that no longer work, or that simply are not updated anymore. There is one site though that doesn’t get updated that I still leave on my list. That site belongs to the British photographer …

Photographers’ Collectives

I ‘ve mentioned it before but I’ll say it again. I’m a big fan of  photographers’ collectives. Collectives aren’t a new idea of course. Magnum, the prestigious photo agency is perhaps the oldest photographer’s collective or cooperative having begun in the late 1940’s. The past few years however have seen, if not quite an explosion, then certainly a surge in the creation of collectives. Collectives, …

Interviews With Photographers

I hope to start posting new interviews with photographers shortly. In order to give you an idea of what I hope to post here are a few links to interviews with photographers from my literary site Literary Photographer. I’ve put that site on hiatus in order to concentrate my energies here. These interviews all have a connection to writing but give you a pretty good …

Annual Pumpkin Harvest Adds Colour To Gloomy Day

It’s now October and this time of year I always take a drive up through Saanich agricultural zone to see if the annual pumpkin harvest has started. It was cloudy out but the rain was holding off  a good sign as they won’t harvest in the rain. It turned out to be busy in the fields with workers from both the Mar and Michell Farms …