Local Bands Live, Victoria, BC 2015

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Recently I’ve managed to get out and photograph a few local bands playing live, something that at the beginning of my career I did a lot. It’s still fun and there’s nothing like a live performance in a small venue. I’d never photographed any of the three bands, pictured below, before and they were photographed on different nights. What I found most interesting was how the bands shared members.

The first band I photographed was Line Traps, I went to see them as I knew their guitarist Tiemen Kuipers.

Line Traps 1

The second band was 12 Gauge Facial  (love that name) as I’d met the vocalist Yasuko Thanh (who is also a novelist) at the Line Traps gig. The Line Traps’ drummer was also 12 Gauge Facial’s drummer.

12 Gauge Facial 1

The final band was Hank Angel and his Island Devils. Hank is the bassist for 12 Gauge Facial but I didn’t realize that the guitarist from 12 Gauge was also in Hank’s band.

Hank Angel and the Island Devils 1



Some people follow their history through their cultural interests, movies, books and music.

Joe Keithley – DOA farewell tour / BC Legislature visit

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DOA front man Joe Keithley was in town playing a gig during the band’s farewell tour. Joe has decided to seek the NDP nomination in Coquitlam – Burke Mountain in order to run in the upcoming May provincial election. We decided to take a few portraits in front of the BC Legislature building in the afternoon. Here’s a few images from that shoot and one from the show.



The Ramones and The Avengers in Vancouver

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I have a new show of my early Vancouver punk photos opening at the Talk Is Cheap Gallery on Pandora Street in Victoria this coming Saturday. I’ve been sorting through my negs yet again and had a couple news ones scanned. It’s interesting what I keep finding.

I came across this group shot of the Ramones posing for me before their gig at the Commodore.  I did notice the guy standing at left looking on but just figured he was a roadie or something and I’d just crop him out. However after seeing the scan I’m pretty certain that’s  it’s Gerry Hannah from the Subhumans.

This is The Avengers, with Penelope Houston at right. I photographed them twice when they played in Vancouver.

Dave Bidini – Orion Lecture

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Dave Bidini 1

The great Dave Bidini was in Victoria last night giving the annual Orion lecture. He talked about his travel for his books and TV documentaries and afterwards took questions from the audience. He’ll be around for a few more days talking to various writing classes at UVIC. I’m sure it’s not always so but Dave’s life seems so seamless, travel and music and writing and family and hockey all melding together magically. Plus he’s a cool stylish guy. Just look at the images from last night.web Dave Bidini 2

The Dishrags – More Images From Vancouver Punk’s Early Years

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Dishrags Scout 2 Tabata Film

Dishrags Scout

Dishrags Dale

Dishrags Jade

Can’t ID Bands

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Postimg for ID help -anyone know? First two pix, same band, no idea. Second band. Dimwit on bass but doesn’t look like Subhumans.




Tom Hawthorn – Sudden Death Records & Joe Keithley

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In keeping with the recent punk theme, check out Tom Hawthorn‘s story on Joe Keithley’s Sudden Death Records in the Globe and Mail. Check out Sudden Death Records yourself.


Bev Davies – 13 Photographs of DOA – Exhibition & Calendar

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The opening reception for Bev Davies’ latest exhibition and calendar will be at Vancouver’s Jem Cordova gallery (#36-22 East Cordova Street) on January 2, 1PM-5Pm. Show runs until January 13.


Interview with Joey Ramone

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John Mackie, now Vancouver Sun writer then Georgia Straight freelancer as I was, interviews Joey Ramone in his Denman Street hotel.

webjoey ramone 2

webjoey ramone1

And….more Vancouver punk photographs

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Acclaimed documentary fimmaker Susanne Tabata is working on a film about the Vancouver punk rock world and I’m going through all my old negatives in order to send her some images for possible inclusion in the film. Here’s a few more possibilities from the early days. Hopefully Scott Beadle will chime in with some names and dates.


Lots of faces here, drummer is ?, Randy Rampage, backup singers are Tony Bardach (?) Nick Jones and Colin Griffiths


This isn’t DOA, is it? Randy on bass though


Victoria Pork, guitar is Brad Kent, Dimwit on drums, Ian Tiles singing, Tony Bardach on bass.


Victoria Pork guitarist Brad Kent


Colin Griffiths standing on a restaurant grill, holding an old 60′s drum skin and a can of dance wax, why?, I so wish I could remember. Going through these negs is a lot of fun, I just wish I had taken more notes back then.

webjoe wimpy

Brian Goble at back, Joe Keithley on guitar


Randy Rampage in full flight

webUnknown punk

Randy again

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